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COVID-19 pandemic has affected many companies financially in the whole world. This outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has given  Chrischel Collections the opportunity to start her new product line, the Cloth Face Masks.

Similar to other companies, Chischel Collections is not spare from this pandemic. We are lucky to have some backlog of orders to fulfill for the next couple of months.  Affected by the pandemic, we still did not need to retrench or ask our staff to take a pay cut or unpaid leave.  We still have staff working for us since the day we started the Chrischel Collections more than 20 years ago. 

Our clients from the boutique, school, companies, and event companies are forced to close because of the lockdown. We do experience a big drop in orders from these clients. What really surprises us is orders from owners of the online shops went up significantly. 

As people are forced to stay at home during the lockdown period, more and more people now did their shopping online. 

Cloth Face Masks

How did Chrischel Collections start with Cloth Face Masks?

When the pandemic started, there is a shortage of masks in the market. Most of the masks are diverted to meet the front line needs. Even if you able to get hold of the mask, the cost of the surgical mask is high. For the man on the street, they just cannot afford to use and throw away the disposable mask each day.  In the beginning, the majority of the Malaysian do not have excess to the mask and they are lamenting that the surgical masks are too expensive. By not wearing a mask, they are putting themselves, their families, and the people around them at risk.

As an employer, we are very concerned with the well-being of our employees.  We make cloth face masks for our workers and their families to wear. To make the mask safer, we make a two layers mask with a slot to insert the filter. 

The public after seeing our staff wear masks, have requested us to make more so that they can buy from us. 

We now produce different cloth face masks designs for pharmacies, hospitals, factories, and on-line shops. We also supply filter that use with the masks.

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