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Fashion Designer Christina Tam

The beginning started as a small step, and today we created a viable business. It all started from a humble beginning of a child’s love of making dresses for her sidling. She is none other than Christina Tam, the fashion designer and owner of Chrischel Collections.

In her early years, with her adoration for fashion and entrepreneurship, she started her tailoring shop in Air Keroh, Malacca. Although business is doing well, she felt that there is more to learn outside Malacca. 

In 1988, she closed her tailoring shop and headed straight to Singapore. She started working in the garment factory as a pattern maker, and year on year, she learns more and more about the clothing manufacturing trade. In 1993, she had completed and graduated from La Salle International School of Fashion Design. Armed with experiences in garment manufacturing and also acquire knowledge from La Salle Fashion School.  She decided it is time and ready to set up a clothing factory in Malacca, Malaysia.  In 1994, Christina Tam started Chrischel Collections.

Christina Tam is the fashion designer and owner of Chrischel Collections Sdn Bhd.  Chrischel Collections Sdn Bhd, as it stands today, is a well-established garment manufacturer and also has her own designed brand of high-quality fashion wear.

Chrischel Collections also provides design services and tailoring for the client who requires the wedding gown, evening wear, cheongsam, and dresses for a special occasion. In the last few years, she undertakes more and more manufacturing projects for uniforms and t-shirts for hotels, banks, polytechnic and universities, factories, restaurants, hospitals, government agencies …

With the popularity of online shop, Chrischel Collections provides turnkey or end to end garment manufacturing services from designing, fabric sourcing, sampling, marking, cutting, sewing, ironing, packing, and delivery.  We also assist our clients in making their labels, washing instructions, and printing services such as sublimation, silkscreen, embroidery, etc.   

Christina Tam

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The Clothing Manufacturer

Chrischel Collections started to cater to a market niche by designing and producing limited fashion pieces for each design. Keeping in mind that “The most lady does not like to be seen wearing the same dresses on any occasion.”

Our Start

We started by marketing our designs to boutiques in Malaysia and Singapore, and we are very encouraged by the good responses received from the boutiques we approached. We market our services differently. Instead of wholesale our design, we presented our sample designs to clients, and we allow them to make some changes to the design through discussion. Changes can be small changes in the design, fabric type, color, and accessories.

The changes do not divert from its original design concept. These changes can be from sleeveless to short or long sleeves etc. Having our designer and factories, we can make the required changes. Whereas for the wholesale products, they cannot make the changes as the design are produced or buy in bulk. “What you see is what you get.”

Those days fabric is bought locally and, most of the time, available in limited stock. We have now improved our logistics and supply chain. We source our fabric overseas as the local suppliers are usually far more expensive.

Most of the boutiques have different clientele, and they have different target segments of the market. Some are selling to teens, working-class or the older target, etc. Therefore, we can make such changes according to the boutique requirement.

Private Label

By allowing the boutique to make changes through discussion and consultation, the boutique can now have its own Private Label and promote its own branding.  Boutiques that brought their stock from the wholesale market face several boutiques selling the same design at different prices. They do receive feedback from their client, such as “other shop is selling the same design cheaper.”


Later down the road,  our customer started requesting us to produce customize t-shirt uniforms for companies. We provide both ready-made and custom design t-shirt. Lately, we are producing eco-friendly t-shirt made from re-cycle plastic bottle fabric (RPET).

As most of these boutiques are now able to have their own branding by having their own private label and tagging.  We allow the boutique to make some changes to the design and fabric type, and color. With these changes, they can call it their own design.  But for the last few years, and it was a great success. we received requests from clients, especially online shops, to help them in manufacturing their custom design pieces, thus increasing their branding.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Material (RPET)

With the world experiencing climate change, Chrischel Collections is doing her part in helping out the climate change by promoting Recycled Plastic Bottle Material for their clothing. These materials are made from empty plastic bottles such as Cola-Cola, Pepsi plastic bottle. 

Corporate Gifts

To further extend our services to our corporate clients, we make it convenient by providing customized corporate gifts for their company event, such as door gifts for exhibitions, seminars, etc. When our client orders their customized t-shirt with their own printed logos, they may also want a corporate gift to go with the t-shirt such as a door for the event. We wanted to save our client time by providing a one-stop service.

Cloth Mask

Covid-19 strike the world deadly, and when it started, the world has a huge shortage of surgical masks.  Furthermore, the surgical masks are expensive for “the man on the street,” changing 2 new pieces per day. At Chrischel Collections, we started making cloth masks at the pandemic’s start to help buffer the shortage and expensive surgical masks. We make our mask with a pocket for inserting a filter for better protection. We also make the cloth masks to match some of the dress designs we are producing.

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